DukeTIP 11: In a flash of Green!

The DukeTIP Green Architecture program this year went by in a flash.  I woke up one morning this summer in a daze and agreed to take Tabitha’s position.  I’m not sure if I ever woke up because it all felt like blur.  Let me tell you about it.  It involves  three fantastic design instructors, Chuck, Jenny, and myself and twenty eight amazing high school students from around the country.

In two and a half weeks we taught the students about architecture, green architecture, sketched, planned four projects including a house, a school, a public park, and a mixed use project with apartments. They presented, visited the Smart Home and Eco Station, sketched, snitched blackberries, designed structures with paper, toothpicks, and tape. They presented, ate Loco Pops, had fun, watched inspiring videos like the Garbage Warrior, had Socratic discussions, Skyped with two professionals, Robyn from California, and David from Singapore.  We played football, looked at a near by construction site, researched, sketched some more, napped, collaborated, learned SketchUp, created a final architecture project in SketchUp. They presented, we lectured, they sketched.

Now if you want to read it again, faster this time, it may sound as fast as it felt.  Yes, I survived and I am looking forward to doing it again.  For a slower look at what happened, checkout the pictures below.

For another perspective on how it went, view Jenny’s post.