Porsche A No GO!

Entered the Porsche and Fast Company Magazine competition and was not selected as one of the top 25, but I did design a cool chair inspired by Porsche!  Fast Company is one of the best magazines out there that combines business and design. Here are links to the top 25 and you can decide for yourself who the winner should be?  My favorite is probably the bicycle and the backpack, maybe they would like to park at the Bike Oasis.

Paper Toys for Good!

Please help out a great organization that I have admired for a long time, One Tail at a Time.  They are a no kill dog shelter, that does many great things for the pups in Chicago.  Here is a paper pup that I designed for them and for the love of my dog, Jada.  

Click on any of the images above to help One Tail at a Time and receive your paper pup!

Coming Soon!

New projects and more voting coming soon!  I have been busy working on many projects and a new business, so there has not been to much action since Valentines Day. The next project that will require voting will be starting March 29th, a California modern house with a twist.

The new business is 26LAB, we are trying to grow it into a collaborative / maker / education space for the community in the near south side of Chicago. Much more coming soon!  If you are interested please send me an email, we are trying to grow our community of followers and supporters.

You can now also follow on Twitter @26LAB and @DS26.

Render Your Time and Money Effectively

Next Limit Technologies has come up with a great affordable plugin for SketchUp, a simpler version of their very powerful Maxwell Render.  Here are some quick one click renders using only SketchUp materials, sunlight, and environment.  See SketchUp exported images here.

There seems to be some limitations with advanced interior lighting, if there is not a lot of daylight but, who designs without daylighting anymore.  For $95 and one click not too bad!  There is a great set of starter tutorials that walk you through the interface as well as a large library of Maxwell textures and skies available for your rendering pleasure. Your SketchUp materials can also be saved with the Maxwell render settings for ease of use later.  As you can see from my portfolio, I am not a huge fan of photo-realistic renderings.  I find my time better spent on designing instead of waiting for renderings. With the new plugin though I can now have the best of both worlds without a lot of hassle.  Overall the Maxwell plugin is a well priced, simple, and powerful addition to your SketchUp workflow.