Dallas Re:Vision competition 2009

Location: Dallas, TX

A mixed use urban block located in Dallas, TX.  The project was designed to be fully self contained.  With the current housing market crash, the apartment component was designed like a vertical plot or “slot” of land.  The projects energy generating infrastructure and farming would be developed first and the units would come in as slots were sold.  In the US for most people the largest investment of their lifetime will be their home. The goal would be to have multiple towers around the city and country so that you could take your precious personalized home and all its contents with you or if you got tiered of the city you could transport it to the countryside.

In Colaoration with Sergio Barberena.

Infrastructure like a small school, office space, art studios, open market, pre-recycling center, community center, farming, and power generation would be constructed first to help support the surrounding community and then the new residents.  That way if residents or slots of the tower were to leave or never be sold that the tower could continue to flourish and not be come a burden on the neighboring areas. Also you would not have to spend the largest part of the budget on unnecessary interior finishing of apartments that are usually generic for this reason.  Instead the new owners as slots are sold and homes are added the individuals can create their own homes using their unique selection of materials, size, and layout making their homes more personal.  Intern making them more valuable to them instead of just leaving a generic vacant apartment behind in foreclosure.  The home becomes like a precious family heirloom, again.  


Summer Building Section

Winter Building Section


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