Bike Parking Oasis 2011

Location: Chicago, IL

The Bike Parking Oasis was developed because the bike parking desert that exist in many parts of the City of Chicago.  Bicycle users in the City of Chicago are by law required to share the streets with motor vehicles and follow the same rules but, why are they not allowed to share the same on-street parking?

The Bike Parking Oasis is designed to solve this problem.  The Oasis would provide a protected and designated parking area within existing on-street parking.  It would provide space for up to ten bicycles and a place to just relax.  Integrated media straps would be provided to hold recycled newspapers, magazines, or books for others to read again while relaxing at the Oasis.  Also the same small motor that would be used to inflate the mobile Oasis could be used to inflate bicycle tires.

The Bike Parking Oasis is also helping to activate the empty space that is created by the trees that run along the street between the walking path and the parking.  There is also a problem in many areas with missing trees.   The missing trees provide for a great place to install the inflatable Oasis under the empty grates where a tree used to exist.  This will help protect and conceal the mechanics for the installation.  The installation would help add to the growing Bicycle culture and help promote the designated bike lanes that are starting to be installed in many parts of the city.

Was submitted to the urbanactivators competition 2011.


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